Ellery and Sydney Build A Bear
November 12, 2009

Today Gram and Pa took Ellery and Sydney to the Build A Bear store at Washington Square. They had a 2008 Christmas gift certificate from the Toomeys to use to build a stuffed animal.

The first step was picking out a stuffed animal. Ellery ended up choosing a pink unicorn and Sydney's choice was Hello Kitty.

The next step was stuffing the animal.

Here are Ellery and Sydney waiting to stuff their animals. They had to step on the lever so the stuffing machine would work.

After stuffing the animal needed to have a heart. Ellery chose her heart. Then she had to pat it to get it going, put it on her heart for love and then kiss it and put it in her unicorn.
Sydney did the same for hers.
Then the newly stuffed animals had to be air fluffed and brushed.
After that a name had to be chosen and a birth certificate created. Ellery named her unicorn Angel and Sydney named her Miss Kitty animal Kitty.
Then Angel and Kitty had to be dressed. It was not as easy to dress a unicorn and Miss Kitty as it would have been to dress a bear (we didn't think about that before the animals were chosen!)



Finally Kitty got dressed in a velcro fastened pink pleated skirt and a pink athletic t-shirt. She looked like a cheer leader!
Ellery struggled and struggled to find something that would fit Angel but it looked pretty hopeless when suddenly there it was! A t shirt with gold sparkles that said Angel and fit! Can you believe it! Everyone was so excited! A gold velcro fastened skirt completed the outfit.
Angel and Kitty were snuggled up in their new little cardboard houses ready to go home.