The Journey of Our Eyes
A Poem For Audra Cleland
By Devon Smith
August 2002

I've always heard
you have her eyes.
Since I was young
I've searched through
pictures of your youth,
I've tried to relate
yours to mine.
With each step
I take,
with each year
that comes upon
me, I have begun
to see.
The other day,
I was standing
by a mirror.
With the first
glance of myself,
I saw you.
My eyes...
they were yours.
I now understand
what everyone saw.
I now understand
the gift I have been

Happiness has engulfed
my heart,
as I know that
I am the only one
that has this special connection
with you.

I only hope
to see through
my eyes,
as much
as you saw
through yours.
You amaze me,
you always have.
I respect, love
and admire you.
And I cherish
the gift that
has been given to me.
I cherish your
and all that they
allow me to